Terms & Conditions

Website booking

You can book tickets on the website without registering. However, when you sign up for Harry Travels Skywards, you can save your personal, travel, and credit card information to your profile so you don't have to re-enter your information the next time you log in and book your trip on our website. If you are not a member of Harry Travels Skywards, you can register at www.Harry Travels.online. This information will help us provide the best possible service and will save you time for future inquiries and bookings, so we encourage you to provide your personal taste.

Be careful not to give your login / ID, booking reference, and / or password to anyone other than your close relatives. We cannot allow third-party online services, such as frequent flyer tracking services, frequent flyer management services, and frequent flyer accumulating services, to access your account.

The Website allows you to book up to 9 passengers per booking. You can book flights for 9 adults and children (2-11 years old) at the same time. In addition, one infant (0 to 1 year old) can be booked per adult passenger. You can book your flight in First, Business or Economy Class (if available).

Change reservation

If you are entitled to a refund from Harry Travels as a result of making changes to your existing booking online, that refund will be issued in the form of an Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD). This EMD receipt can be used to purchase additional Harry Travels travel or services, or to be redeemed for a refund at the Harry Travels office, but is valid for one year from the date of issue and will be used or refunded within that period is needed.

You can book your flight at least 338 days before departure. You can request an electronic ticket or collect tickets from the locations listed during the booking process. Please note that tickets can only be picked up in the country of departure and delivery can only be done in the country of departure. If you want to collect tickets from any of the offices, they must be completed within the time specified in the booking process.

Cancel reservation

If you are logged in as a member of Harry Travels Skywards, you can cancel your reservation in the My Account section of the website. The fare rules you agreed to when you confirmed your booking will then apply. You must contact one of the offices to arrange a refund or request an electronic ticket refund online.

Harry Travels

The Harry Travels Skywards Miles displayed is for reference only. The actual Harry Travels Skywards Miles credited to your account will be determined in accordance with the Harry Travels Skywards programme rules.

Use of credit card

If you do not have a credit card, you may choose to pay with one of the alternative payment methods that may be offered to you on the payment page of the online booking process. The payment methods available to you will vary according to where the ticket is departing from