How to get the cheapest flights for New Orleans?

New Orleans or "The Big Easy" city is known worldwide because of jazz kings and queens, brilliant architecture, the New Orleans Saints, Cajun cuisine, the iconic Bourbon Street, and outrageous Mardi Gras celebrations. The city’s diversity reflects in the music and food, language, and architecture. Whether you’re here to get completely dissolved in its thrilling nightlife or get lost in its bustling squares, New Orleans is definitely the city of wonders. Enjoy a look at the thriving scene of the city with your loved ones.

Take your partner for a romantic stroll in the beautiful French Quarter, enjoy a unique glimpse of the Crescent City's culture, sign up for a plantation tour or spend some time shopping, the choice is yours!!!

When is the best time to fly to New Orleans?

The best time to fly to New Orleans is from February through May when the weather is comfortable and the festival celebrations are in full swing. If you are planning to not be a part of Mardi Gras, then December or January would also be better options to go with.

Which month is regarded to be the cheapest to fly to New Orleans?

Fall is regarded as the cheapest season to book a flight to the city of New Orleans. The airfares are lowest in the months of August and September plus affordable room rates would be a cherry on the cake.

Which are regional airports in New Orleans?

There are two airports that serve New Orleans city –

What tips should be followed while booking a flight to New Orleans?

Undoubtedly, New Orleans is a perfect destination to plan a vacation any time of the year. Mostly, people prefer to visit this place from February-May or from November to January. Also, the city is very famous for the Mardi Gras celebrations celebrated here beginning on or after the Christian feasts of the Epiphany (Three Kings Day).

So, if you are willing to find the cheapest flight to New Orleans then you can plan to visit the city during the off-season when festivals and events are not in the rush. Also, hot summers will make your trip uncomfortable.

Which airlines fly to New Orleans?

The following airlines operate scheduled flight services to New Orleans –

What are the top three attractions in New Orleans?

New Orleans Museum of Art

A must-see place for a history buff and an art aficionado packed with plenty of shining art galleries that features an impressive collection of more than 40,000 vibrant artworks from all over the world. The New Orleans Museum of Art is a perfect catch for everyone. Its brilliant collection ranges from early Asian works to European masterpieces.

French Quarter

A day trip to one of the central attractions of the city – The French Quarter would be a better idea! An outstanding part of the city that boasts plenty of things to see and capture. The French Quarter offers numerous options to explore, dine, shop, and entertainment. The location is also an outreach to the exciting Mardi Gras celebration with a lot of entertainment.

Audubon Zoo

Take an opportunity to take a glimpse of the thrilling wildlife of New Orleans’ Audubon Zoo which features world-class exhibits ranging from a variety of animals from Asia, Africa, and South America. Giraffes, jaguars, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and alligators are common sites in the zoo.