How to get cheap flights to Baltimore

Are you fond of visiting museums and also love cultural sport? Well, Baltimore has a lot to offer and it will definitely meet your needs. Baltimore is very well known for the inner harbour and is known to be home to some of the famous and iconic historical elements.

Art lovers have a great treat here as there are magnificent museums as well as art exhibitions that you can enjoy. Along with this, if there are kids along in the trip then Maryland Science centre is the best place that you must visit.

How to book your flights with best deals?

Booking your flights is not at all difficult with us. Book in advance to get good deals and also use the coupons you have earned during your previous bookings.

What tips should be followed while booking?

It is seen that Baltimore is a destination that is visited by people all year round. Mostly, people visit this place during March-April or in the months of October and November. Also, the place is very famous for the Baltimore Waterfront festival that is celebrated here during the month of April and people from neighbouring countries also join.

So, if you are willing to get cheap flights to Baltimore then it is important that you visit the place during the off season that is when festivals and events are not there. Moreover, summers are very hot, so travel during this time only if you are comfortable with the heat.

Which are the regional airports of Baltimore?

The major airports of Baltimore are the Martin State Airport, The Washington International airport. The airport are hubs for the Southwest airlines and the Airtan airways. Reaching the town from both of these airports is very easy.

How long flights take to reach Baltimore?

It depends on where is the person flying from. So, if someone is flying from Ney York it takes 1 hr 30 minutes to reach here, from Los Angeles it takes 5 hours and from Chicago it takes around2 hours.

What are the top destinations to visit in Baltimore?

Some of the places that one must visit if in Baltimore are:

Fort McHenry National Monument

This place is regarded to be one of the historic sites of America. It was built in 1798-1803 and the place is inspired by the National anthem of this place. One can visit the fort and explore a lot here.

Walters Art Gallery

This place is internationally renowned institution and is among the very few museums that represent art and history. There are various treasures and thousands of bronzes, ivories and jewellery that one can find here.

National Aquarium

The place has a lot of open ocean environments and the hidden sea life is worth exploring. Tropical Rain Forest here is complete environment where one can witness larger animals and even sharks and dolphins.

So, one can book the tickets in advance and fly to Baltimore and spend an amazing vacation here.